Dr. Isidoro Acevedo Jr

Dr. Isidoro Acevedo Jr

Chiropractor in Cocoa

For over a decade, the Sunshine State has been home to Dr. Junior, where he resides with his loving wife and two kids. Coming from Yonkers, New York, he ventured into the realm of healthcare by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Mercy College in 2011. As a kickboxing enthusiast for 17 long years, Dr. Junior brought his talents to Florida and advanced his career by becoming a Radiation Therapist.


After five years of witnessing firsthand the effects of illness on cancer patients, Dr. Junior’s faith in the healthcare system waned as he realized a crucial focus was missing: preventative medicine. This led him on a transformative journey toward a chiropractic career. It wasn’t long into the program when he discovered an unsettling truth—many soon-to-be graduates lacked the necessary skills to perform an effective adjustment.


To bridge this void, Dr. Junior merged his kickboxing expertise with chiropractic principles, cultivating speed, accuracy, and depth in his adjustments. Within nine months into the program, he found himself teaching these methods to nearly 40 students two days per week.


Serendipity struck when Dr. Junior stumbled upon one of Dr. Brett Jones’s YouTube videos and recognized a shared vision for chiropractic mastery. Inspired by this newfound connection, Dr. Junior joined forces with three other ambitious students to establish the first KTC club in Palmer, Florida—a nurturing community devoted to pursuing chiropractic excellence.


Upon graduating, Dr. Junior transitioned into the role of Lead Facilitator for this driven group while keeping his ingrained commitment to serve 100+ patients daily alive. Blazing past student requirements with nearly 600 additional patient visits during his time in chiropractic school, Dr. Junior currently serves 300-350 grateful patients every week.


Even now, he never ceases to expand on his ever-growing knowledge base by attending seminars as an enthusiastic “student” and training each morning at 5:30 am to perfect his craft. This kind of unwavering dedication is what sets Dr. Junior apart as he continues on his relentless journey to mastery, offering healing and relief to his cherished community.

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